James Deedman

James married Ann Burrow, a girl about whom I know very little - I shall be grateful for any information about her. The couple had a large family, but two of their children died when just a few days old. The baptisms were recorded in Pirbright, so James and Ann must have been living there.

James and Ann's family

ParentsJames Deedman*8 August 17231 November 1744
Ann BurrowUnknown
ChildrenThomas*17 February 1744Child death
John*27 May 1746
James*15 December 1748Child death
James*18 November 1749
Ann*18 January 1752
Mary*10 May 1754
Henry*28 April 1756
Sarah*8 July 1758
Thomas*14 September 1760
William*1 October 1762
Elizabeth*10 July 1766
Janney*1 December 1768

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