The Cranborne Lockyers

William Lockyer

William was a carter. He married Elizabeth in Damerham in 1856 and they had at least three children. Their daughter Sarah is buried in the churchyard of St George's Church at Damerham near to her mother, who died in 1897. William died on 18 May 1899 and was then also buried at St George's Church.
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In the picture of Lockyer headstones shown above, the graves are those of daughter Sarah (left), daughter-in-law Martha (centre) and Elizabeth (right).

Both Sarah and her brother John were baptised in the church at Rockbourne, Hampshire. In the 1881 census, William and Elizabeth are recorded to be living in Damerham with their unmarried son John, then 18 years old.

William and Elizabeth's family

ParentsWilliam Lockyer10 December 183224 December 1856
Elizabeth Frampton1834
ChildrenWilliam*30 August 1857
Sarah*27 March 1859
John*5 May 1862

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