The Cranborne Lockyers

Thomas Lockyer of Hampreston

Thomas married a girl called Mary. Noting that they gave the name Durdle to their daughter Anne as a second Christian name and that the Durdle family was well represented in Hampreston, it is reasonable to assume that Thomas's wife was Mary Durdle.

Thomas and Mary were unlucky with their children - their second eldest child, Benjamin, lived for only three years (buried 10 May 1745) and their son Jacob died at the age of 29.

Thomas and Mary's family

ParentsThomas Lockyer*17 November 1687Unknown
Mary DurdleUnknown
ChildrenThomas*4 May 1741
Benjamin*17 September 1742
Jacob*25 November 1744
Laban*31 December 1746
Anne Durdle*16 April 1752

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