The Cranborne Lockyers

Thomas Lockyer of Hampreston

Thomas was the eldest child of Thomas and Catherine. He married a girl called Ann (sometimes recorded as Anne) and they had a large family. Considering the average life expectancy then, it is interesting to note that Thomas reached the age of 84 years - he died 13 August 1727. He is buried with his wife in the churchyard of All Saints Church in Hampreston, but the headstones are partly overgrown by a substantial shrub! The date of Ann's birth is derived from the inscription there.

Thomas and Anne's family

ParentsThomas Lockyer*20 June 1644Unknown
ChildrenThomas17 June 1692
Henry*24 September 1695
Edward*10 January 1698
George*30 December 1699
John*7 July 1701
Joseph*11 June 1703
Mary*25 March 1705
Betty*19 October 1706

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